Besides our fine specimens, we also supply insect pins, forceps, spreading boards, relaxing fluid, books, riker mounts, exhibit cases, glassine mounting strips and a variety of other entomological equipment and supplies. Below is the equipment price list. MINIMUM ORDER is $25.00. Please use the Equipment Order Form to order from this page.

Standard Mounting Board

Groove 11mm wide by 6 mm deep - NOT FOR Ornithoptera, Sphingidae or large Saturnidae.


TBS20 - 6" x 12" - $ 8.00

Butterfly and Insect Bag

No ring or pole


TBS14 - 15" - $ 9.00

TBS15 - 18" - $ 10.00

TBS16 - 21" - $ 12.00


Double lens 5X, 10X


TBS13 - $ 3.00

Glassine Mounting Strips



TBS19 - 8" x 1" - $ 2.00

Riker Mounts

Riker Mounts

Ideal for displaying specimens through a unique design which requires no pins. With glass tops and embossed in black paper, mounts are filled with polyester padding. They come in four different sizes as listed. An excellent alternative to pin-mounted displays.


TBS01 - 4.5" x 5.5" - $ 5.00

TBS02 - 5" x 6" - $ N/A

TBS03 - 6" x 8" - $ 6.50

TBS04 - 8" x 12" - $ 9.75

TBS05 - 12" x 16" - $ 12.50

Exhibit Cases

Exhibit Cases

Ideal for school, home or professional projects. Use for displaying insects or butterflies. Cases include pinning boards for mounting your finished specimens. Embossed in black. Robust design.


TBS06 - 12" x 16" - $ N/A

Stainless Steel Pins

Stainless Steel Pins #3

Perfect for projects demanding a high quality, easy to handle pin. Highly resistant to corrosion. In stock sizes are #3. These are ASTA brand and not Morpho brand.


TBS11 - Size #3 - $ 5.50

Standard Pins

Standard Ento Pins

Entomological pins available in one size #3. Stock up on insect pins for your projects. Ideal for general purpose insect work and specimen preparation. Sold in 100-pin packs.


TBS07 - Size #7 - $ N/A

TBS09 - Size #3 - $ 3.50

Per dozen - $ 40.00

Relaxing Fluid

Relaxing Fluid Bottle

For specimen preparation before mounting. Makes specimen handling and manipulation easier. Add to relaxing jar or container pad.


TBS17 - 4 oz - $ 4.00

Standard Forceps

Spade Tip Forceps

Quality mounting forceps used for specimen handling and preparation. Ends are flat and smooth to protect delicate specimens, yet they provide a firm grip on objects or specimen being handled.


TBS12 - $ 4.50

Mounting Kit

Mounting Kit

Kit includes one Aegean Series spreading board, one pair of standard flat-head forceps (for handling delicate specimens), one bottle of relaxing fluid, magnifier, four 100-pin packs of No.3 black insect pins, 100 glassine mounting strips and mounting instruction sheet.


TBS22 - $ 30.00

Mounting Instructions

Mounting Instructions

Full-color, step-by-step instructions on how to mount butterflies. Colorfully illustrated, this instruction sheet takes you thru the details of specimen preparation, mounting and finishing a specimen. Prepared by experienced entomologists. It will help you achieve the results you want, specially with delicate specimens. Designed with the hobbyist, teacher, and student in mind. Highly recommended for school projects.


TBS23 - $ 1.00